What is Tokenomics and where did it come from?

November 6, 2022


What is tokenomics and where did tokenomics it come from?

As investing in cryptocurrencies has gained popularity, “tokenomics,” is a word to explain the economics of crypto ventures. You can understand them when you investigate what a cryptocurrency provides. Several cryptocurrencies contain sections on tokenomics in the sites or white papers. It is essential to learn about a cryptocurrency’s tokenomics before purchasing due to market risk and instability. You can more accurately determine whether a cryptocurrency is a great investment by recognizing its tokenomics.

Tokenomics Work:

By establishing the utility of the tokens, a key driver of their demand, and offering opportunities for token holders, tokenomics establishes the economy of a cryptocurrency project. Developers experiment with several different variables to affect different aspects of tokenomics, such as



The number of coins is a key factor in the tokenomics of many projects. Both the total and the current supply must be taken into account. The total number of tokens that can be created is also limited for nonfungible token initiatives. In the v2 and v1 contracts, Crypto Punks. NFTs are more expensive because of their scarcity and exclusivity.


Allocation of Tokens and Vesting Schedules:

The distribution of specific tokens to stakeholders is a standard practice in crypto projects. The custom now is to maintain a vesting term on the tokens given to venture developers or capitalists to establish the legitimacy of the product. The retention period protects investors from those who engage in pump-and-dump scams by locking developers’ tokens for a specific amount of time.


Staking and Mining

At the time, early blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin provide tokens to reward miners for confirming transactions. This method is known as proof-of-work. To generate fresh blocks and upload them to the blockchain, miners must use their processing power. Rewards are given to users that have secured a specific number of coins in a blockchain network on proof-of-stake blockchains that use a staking mechanism for validators. With the change to the agreement layer, Ethereum is heading in this direction.



Yield farming allows anyone with a cryptocurrency to make more tokens. Through the use of smart contracts, you can lend your money to anyone who requests one and receive tokens in the sort of interest and principal. Large yield pools are fueled by yield farming and traded in decentralized markets (DEXs).


Token Burns:

Crypto protocols must burn tokens to take them out of circulation permanently to stop inflation. The price is anticipated to increase when the supply of tokens in use becomes limited. To decrease the supply of its native token BNB, Binance burns it every quarter. Approximately 60% of the entire quantity of XLM coins was destroyed by Stellar in (2019) November, causing a short-term price spike of over 40%.



Different Tokenomics Terms:


Asset Valuation:

The process of figuring out a token’s or coin’s value. This is particularly helpful for those looking to buy new coins. It might be simpler to assess whether a particular coin’s price is worthwhile investing in already if they can predict how much it’s going to be valued in the future. For investors who have made a sizable investment in a coin and are interested in knowing whether its price is rising or falling, coin valuation is also crucial.


An overall decline in the cost of goods and services. This happens when people and businesses expect prices to go down and opt not to buy as much right away to wait for these goods to become more affordable. When the money supply is less than the total economic production, inflation takes place. called (price deflation) as well.


A rise in an economy’s average level of pricing for services and goods. Inflation can also happen when people choose to save money now rather than later because they anticipate a decline in prices. Whenever the money supply exceeds the total economic output, inflation results. called (price inflation) as well.

Advantages of Tokenomics:

Tokenomics’ key advantage is that it offers a more thorough understanding of how individual coins function in their particular networks. For instance, if an ICO’s conditions and terms include that the issuer would buy back a certain number of coins, this could have a significant impact on the token’s price.

Yet, before any economies can be investigated, a suitable coin model should be developed. This implies that developing a viable plan of action or concept for a novel good or service that will make use of blockchain technology should come before engaging in tokenomics.



You can evaluate a cryptocurrency project with the help of the essential abilities you get from having a solid grasp of tokenomics. You may learn more about the supply and demand of tokens by reading their documentation or white paper. You will be able to understand how their team is generating interest in the coin and critically assess its possibilities for the future.
How a token will fare in comparison to the US dollar, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies is largely determined by its tokenomics. The analysis enables you to determine whether the developers have applied the popular concepts or have come up with novel solutions for token distribution. Additionally, choosing projects with strong tokenomics will increase the return on your investment.

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Disclaimer : This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing in any cryptocurrency.

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