Red Rocket Token

RRKT is a hyperdeflationary token that combines clickonomics – the burning of tokens based on the number of ad clicks – with tokenomics. This revolutionary combination exponentially increases the number of tokens being burned over time resulting in an explosion in the value of RRKT. We are set to go to the MOON! 🚀

Red Rocket Website Traffic Platform

This platform allows members to purchase high-quality human-generated website traffic with RRKT or earn RRKT for free by clicking on a website advertisement. So whether you are a website owner or an affiliate marketer and you are looking for a new traffic source, the Red Rocket Website Traffic Platform has you covered with real user website traffic.  No Bots, No software, No funny business, just 100% human-generated website traffic.

Red Rocket Digital Content Store

At Red Rocket, we are constantly identifying new ways to fuel the tokenomics of RRKT. By selling digital content through this store, we are able to fund additional buybacks of the RRKT token. Cycling each digital content sale back into RRKT is one of the many ways we are building more liquidity for our project, increasing the value of RRKT and rewarding RRKT holders with reflections through tokenomics. This store allows non-RRKT holders to buy high quality and custom digital content.

Red Rocket HODL – Holders Portal

This portal provides RRKT token holders exclusive access to amazing content developed by the Red Rocket team that is currently not shared with the general public. RRKT token holders will also have access to FREE exclusive digital assets including logos, landing pages and mini websites that can be used for ANY personal or commercial purpose. In addition, RRKT token holders will have first access to the Red Rocket website traffic platform,